Golden State Grind
1st Quarter San Francisco: 3
Kansas City: 7
$200 kevin Parker
2nd Quarter San Francisco: 10
Kansas City: 10
$300 TJ Pops
3rd Quarter San Francisco: 20
Kansas City: 10
$200 TJ Pops
End of Game San Francisco: 20
Kansas City: 31
$500 Greg Harrington
Each square is $25. To purchase a square click on the 'buy' link and enter your name and select the name of the player you are buying the square from. Return payment to the player you purchased the square from, make checks payable to Golden State Grind. When the squares are filled up the numbers will be randomly placed. If your numbers match the last numbers of the score for both teams at the end of a payout period then you win! You can check here during and after the game to see the winning squares highlighted.

100 sold San Francisco


2 6 1 0 4 9 5 8 7 3
4 Paul Overen Greg Eissner Robert Floentes Nikkola Victoria Ortega Greg Harrington Sherry Ramirez Guy Ussorio Shawn and Theresa Hoover Mark Azevedo
1 Mike Guidry Mommy Jean Eissner Greg Harrington Joel C Nikkola Guy Ussorrio Chris M Santiago Castillo Debbie Mattes
7 Cassie C Janie Daddy Greg Eissner Pamela Miller Guy Ussorio Arlene Bowie Greg Harrington Anna Tilley kevin Parker
8 John and Rose C Anna Tilley Paul Overen Mary Ann W Jean Eissner Smith Clan Mommy Monique Fraasch Dave Anderson Bobby V
0 Bobby V Jacob Floentes Debbie Mattes TJ Pops Lisa Ross Daddy Smith Clan Jeff Rubalcaba Marge and Larry Ramo Guy Ussorio
5 Raul Ramos Chris M Tatlor Richins Shay Rico Daddy Mommy Karen Moore Mike Guidry Kimi and Bob Brunham Marge and Larry Ramos
3 Monique Fraasch Debbie Mattes Karen Moore Shawn and Theresa Hoover Mike Guidry Marge and Larry Ramos Pamela Miller Kylie Ross Robert Florentes Arlene Bowie
2 Kevin Parker Rupert Sheery Ramirez Joseph Olmos Ricky C Jenny Bradley Monique Fraasch Cindy TJ Sharon P
6 Jacob Florentes Toni Torres Raul Ramos Kimi and BobBrunham Chris M Janie Debbie Mattes Ricky C Mommy Mike Guidry
9 Jenny Bradley Joseph Olmos Monique Fraasch Mary Griffiths Marge and Larry Ramos TJ TJ Pops Mary Ann W Priscilla Florentes Daddy