Golden State Grind
1st Quarter San Francisco: 3
Kansas City: 7
$200 Rachelle West
2nd Quarter San Francisco: 10
Kansas City: 10
$300 Ed M
3rd Quarter San Francisco: 20
Kansas City: 10
$200 Ed M
End of Game San Francisco: 20
Kansas City: 31
$500 Ron Tucker
Each square is $25. To purchase a square click on the 'buy' link and enter your name and select the name of the player you are buying the square from. Return payment to the player you purchased the square from, make checks payable to Golden State Grind. When the squares are filled up the numbers will be randomly placed. If your numbers match the last numbers of the score for both teams at the end of a payout period then you win! You can check here during and after the game to see the winning squares highlighted.

100 sold San Francisco


2 6 0 9 5 4 7 8 3 1
2 Dennis Peck Bob Lowery Gayle Parlog Michael Smith Stephen Bolton Kathryn Mertens Dave Ongman Laura Parodi Earl Ongman Mike West
7 Santiago Mendoza Bill Polsley Mike Fesinmeyer Earl Ongman Daddy Bobby Rael Joe Randall Shelly Chiverini Rachelle West Javier Nodal
4 Annemarie Barajas Dave Ongman Dennis Peck Mark Cabihi Dave Vincencio Kristina Upton Eric Martin Mike West Sara Mariani Hector Lopez
1 Eric Tooken Juan Saucedo Ron Tucker Bill Polsley Daddy Claudia Hubbard Rachelle West Todd Marlowe Keu Driver Mark Demarce
3 Nicole Kollo Kristina Upton Todd Lee Javier Nodal Dennis Peck Mike West Mike Fesinmeyer Al Goodspeed Musa Yasin Jerry Gerard
0 Jerry Gerard SteveVallerax Ed M Amanda Norman Rachelle West Bill Polsley Jaime Oliveras Jerry Burkhart Annemarie Barajas Earl Ongman
5 Keu Driver Javier Nodal Jerry Gerard Mike West Mike Fesinmeyer Dave Ongman Dennis Peck Mike Plevin Nacho Gil Donna Gutridge
6 Damonion Jones Al Goodspeed Rachelle West Bob Lowery Sara Mariani Jerry Burkhart Gayle Parlog Bill Polsley Eric Tooken Kenny Walker
8 Dave Vincencio Mike West Amy Antoniazzi Dawn Valverde Jerry Gerard Patty Shaner Mike Thomas Mike Fesinmeyer Dennis Peck Stephen Bolton
9 Rachelle West Jaime Oliveras Earl Ongman Dave Harvey Dave Ongman Javier Nodal Kim Ratkowski Beau Parlog RS Shuman Bill Polsley