Golden State Grind
1st Quarter NFC: 0
AFC: 0
$200 Octaviano Hurtado
2nd Quarter NFC: 3
AFC: 0
$300 U. Hurtado
3rd Quarter NFC: 3
AFC: 3
$200 Chance
End of Game NFC: 13
AFC: 3
$500 Chance
Each square is $25 and is good for 2 games! To purchase a square click on the 'buy' link and enter your name and select the name of the player you are buying the square from. Return payment to the player you purchased the square from, make checks payable to Golden State Grind. When the squares are filled up the numbers will be randomly placed. If your numbers match the last numbers of the score for both teams at the end of a payout period then you win! You can check here during and after the game to see the winning squares highlighted.

100 sold NFC AWAY


3 9 1 8 5 0 4 2 7 6
7 P. Zamo Gibby Jon Diaz Tammy Gray Rich Coffman Mark P Mike Morales John Mattes Mat Suno Mike Fesinmeyer
2 Jason W John Mattes S. Pico Mark P Marlon Hurtado Genesis Ku Sabrina Mark P Erik Mineishi Jay Morales
3 Chance Brandi Coffman P. Zamo Brian Bado Tammy Gray MDub Mike Fesinmeyer E Mart Mark P Marlon Hurtado
0 U. Hurtado Chance Bill P P. Zamo Mike W Octaviano Hurtado Mike W Bobby Gonzaga Genesis Ku Reco P
6 The Kid Jay Morales Chance Bill P P. Zamo Jodi Sterlinski BBR Magoo BDub Jim Brown
9 Curtis Faletti Barry G Jason W U. Hurtado Bill P P. Zamo Danae D Octaviano Hurtado The Kid Brian Bado
1 Dan M Rich Platt Ed Mitchener Nancy Padilla BBR Bill P P. Zamo Mike W Rich Coffman Magoo
4 Luis Alvarado BBR Mason Padilla Kathy M Octaviano Hurtado Sandy F Jason W P. Zamo Jay Morales Mat Suno
5 Bobby Gonzaga Dan Crespin Jay Morales John Mattes RDub Gibby U. Hurtado Bill P P. Zamo Jason W
8 Jasmine Mineishi Octaviano Hurtado The Kid Theresa Coffman Jim Brown Todd L Chance U. Hurtado S. Pico John Mattes