Golden State Grind
2nd Quarter Denver: 0
Oakland: 17
$100 Ed Z
End of Game Denver: 14
Oakland: 27
$200 Ed Frick
Each square is $100 and is good for 16 games! To purchase a square click on the 'buy' link and enter your name and select the name of the player you are buying the square from. Return payment to the player you purchased the square from, make checks payable to Golden State Grind. When the squares are filled up the numbers will be randomly placed. If your numbers match the last numbers of the score for both teams at the end of a payout period then you win! You can check here during and after the game to see the winning squares highlighted.

Select Week:
100 sold Denver

3 2 6 9 4 5 0 7 1 8
5 Paul Overen Gil/Kim Guy Ussorio Dennis Peck Debra Fowler Frank Romaine Will T Debbie Mattes Connie McCabe Monique Fraasch
0 Kevin Parker Dana Feiock Monique Fraasch Rocco Corleone John Mattes Dave Nahm Bill Verducci Rachelle West Dennis Peck Sal N.
6 Paul Zamora Robert/Gina Florentes Fernando Castaneda Blake Franke B-Dub Reco P Gorilla P Ed Frick James Tedford Joe Bologna
8 Mario T. Nils Olson Kevin Parker Erik Mineishi Bob Dubois Steve Wonderful Jay Zetz Monique Fraasch Steve Wonderful Steph De La Rosa
2 Mark Peck Alecia Figieroa Big Ed Bill Verducci Daniel Smith Sr B-Dub John Mattes Bill Baldwin Greg Eissner Nils Olson
1 Ingrid Feldman Mike West Mike Fesinmeyer Jordan Duby Steve Wonderful Andres Lopez Terrible Ted Brandi Coffman Bob Dubois Kevin Parker
4 Deanna Marin Bill Polsley Tara Reeves E Mart Kevin Parker Mike West Greg Eissner Gorilla P Chris Gilley Mike McHugh
9 James Tedford Shelley Mattes Ed Frick/ Teri Barry Water Jay Zetz Carolyn Castro Jim Brown Dan M. Bill Verducci Will T
7 Joe Bologna Monique Fraasch Brian Bado Rachelle West Ed Frick Rachelle West Ed Z Bob Dubois Margaret Smith Miriam Ussorio
3 TJ 3 and Jonathan Kevin Parker Darin Polsley Will T Jessics Morales Paul Zamora Gary Wells Steve Carter Julian P. Tara Reeves